iQ2 Power Meter


This is an adaptor that sits between the pedals and the crank, so can be used on any bike. It is quite a slim unit, but still increases the "Q factor" by 16mm per pedal. Left and right versions will be available, and you can choose whether to have just one or to have both.

This is a very low priced power meter, and easy to install. One that basis it sounds too good to be true, but maybe the iQsquare company has hit upon a more cost-effective way of measuring power. The Dutch company talks about using a "nanotechnology strain gauge" which is "an electrical wire that converts pressure into a measurable change in electrical resistance" on their website.

The power meter sits between the pedal and the crank, so pushes each pedal out by 10mm. This therefore equates to an increased "Q-factor" of 20mm, which may be undesirable but is less than that of the LIMITS power meter (of a similar design but with numerous post-production issues). It might be possible to buy new pedals with shorter cranks, but you should expect these to cost a lot more than regular pedals.

So, this power meter is simple to install on any bike with industry-standard cranks and pedals, and is also available as left and right sided versions. All good there, but the company has no pedigree in the power meter arena and it's therefore impossible to comment on recording quality or product reliability. At around a third of the price of most other power meters, however, it might just be worth a punt.

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Manufacturer website: iQsquare